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Frequently Asked Questions

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How often should I do the exercises?

Five days a week. Which five days is up to you. Monday through Friday would work. Then take the weekend off to put your newly-refined penis to good use!

Or the days off don't have to be consecutive. You could do the exercise Monday, Wednesday, Fri., Sat. and Sun., for instance.

Whatever you want - just so you’re not doing it every day of the week, which is too strenuous.

How long should my exercise sessions be lasting?

To answer this simply: 30 minutes should be the norm, not counting warm-ups and stretches. Granted, at first, while you’re still learning the exercises, it will take longer. But even after you’ve reached expert level, 30 minutes is more than enough time to get a good workout in. If you want to go longer, go longer. If you want to go less, go less. Listen to your body.

Do I have to do all of the exercises?

Certainly not.  Penis Champion believes in personal freedom.  You may pick and choose the exercises that best suit your body, the ones that you think will be most effective, or the ones that feel the best. 

However, for the most extensive and thorough workout (and for the full Penis Champion experience), here's how you do it:  On Exercise Day A, do the ten exercises in the Snakecharming program, and do them in the suggested order.  On Exercise Day B, do the ten exercises in the cirCUMference program, and do them in the suggested order.  Alternate each day.

But for simplicity's sake, there is nothing wrong at all with only doing a few of the exercises each time.  You could even do the same exercise for one entire session.  

Simply put: feel free to tailor the program to your needs and wants.  As long as you put the time and work in, it doesn't really matter.

When can I move from Beginner to Intermediate? And from Intermediate to Expert?

You'll quickly see that the difference between the skill levels is HOW MANY TIMES you do the amount in RED.

It is recommended that you spend at least one month on each level.  Pay attention to your body during and after the exercises.  Do not move on to the next level until you're certain you're ready.

Is it normal to experience pain after the exercises?

Pain?  No.  If you experience pain during or after exercises, you're doing something wrong.  These are designed to be demanding but harmless exercises.  If a particular exercise hurts, then don't do it.  Or at least make an adjustment to your technique so that it doesn't hurt.

If you feel a slightly "different" feeling in your penis or testicles after a Penis Champion workout, this IS normal.  However, if the "different" feeling remains for more than 24 hours, take a break from the exercises.

It is highly recommended that you read the SAFETY ALWAYS page in the BEFORE YOU BEGIN section.

And here's a safety MUST:  You are not pulling on just the skin of the penis; you are pulling on the "meat."  Yanking on the skin and not what's inside the skin CAN cause pain.

When will I see results?

Results vary drastically from man to man, but on average, results are evident in about two months.

A few select men have reported what Penis Champion calls the "Porno Ring" after only two days of exercising!  The Porno Ring is a 1-inch band of extra thickness that appears just below the head of the penis.  It is normally temporary. 

I’m having trouble maintaining erections for some of the exercises. Any advice?

You'll see that some exercises require you to have semi-hard and hard erections.  One challenging thing about Penis Champion's program is that in focusing on following the directions, you can become distracted and not be able to keep an erection like you could in normal circumstances.

This is normal, and the more you do the exercises, the less of a problem this will be, because you'll gradually start to memorize all the steps and won't have to refer to the directions as much.

There are a couple of things you can do, though, to insure hardness throughout the exercises. 

Both exercise programs (Snakecharming and cirCUMference) come in two different formats:  Regular web-page format, and the streamlined print-out version.  It is highly recommended that you read through the regular web-page version of both programs.  But after that, simply use the print-out versions.  These contain only the specific steps and are in an easy-to-read format.

Also, pure manual stimulation might not be enough.  If this is the case, have "visual aids" prepared ahead of time.  Again, it will be hard to maintain an erection since you're so busy focusing on the exercises.  So have some visuals prepared that you know will work.  You could simply have an adult film playing as you do the exercises that require semi-hardness or hardness.  Or, you could prepare a computer slide-show of some of your favorite images.  It's a good idea to have fresh images constantly bombarding you to insure optimal erections.

Will the results be permanent, even without me doing the exercises the rest of my life?

Yes, though it is your responsibility to continue a healthy lifestyle-both physically and mentally-forever.  Fall back on unhealthy habits or ways, and your gains are likely to be negated.  The penis is a measuring stick of good health.

When can I stop doing the exercises?

After three months of faithfully following your exercise routines, you may stop the exercises if you wish.  This IS intended to be a finite program with permanent gains.  However, there are a few things you should never stop doing.  Never stop the PC exercises (Porno Pumpers), never stop trimming your pubic hair, and never stop observing a well-balanced diet.

Can I do the exercises after masturbating?

No!  Wait two hours to do exercises after ejaculating.  This is because the penis is extra-sensitive and tender after ejaculation.  You also have the refractory period to contend with, in which erections cannot be had.

How does this even work?

Your browser may not support display of this image.

See that suprapubic fat?  That is our arch nemesis.

Everyone has suprapubic fat.  Some have more than others, but everyone has this unfortunate fatty deposit.

What Penis Champion has done is found a way to burn away this suprapubic fat, thus making more penis available.

His exercises were specifically designed to not only work out the penis, but the entire pubic region.  As a result, you'll be simultaneously improving your penis and your:

  • lower abs
  • gluts
  • hips
  • waistline
  • pelvis

Other sites base their methods on just yanking and yanking and yanking away at the penis, hoping to magically stretch out extra inches that aren't really there.

Penis Champion knows that the inches aren't within the spongy chambers of the penile shaft.  The extra inches are just above the shaft, hidden in the suprapubic fat pad.

Need further proof?

  • A 2006 comparative study in the scholarly journal Sexologies confirms that the penis is partially buried in the suprapubic fat pad (Ponchietti et al. 183-186). 
  • A 2001 study titled "Penile Length and Circumference" observed 3,300 men, and also confirmed that suprapubic fat plays an important role in hiding the penis shaft (Pascoal s1-s8).
  • Peter Lee of the academic journal Adolescent Medicine states that the "root of penis extends backward along the perineum . . . It's total length is considerably greater than obvious."
  • According to sex writer Chip Rowe, "In 1999 Dutch scientists reported the results of an experiment in which three couples . . . had intercourse inside a 20-inch-wide MRI scanner. The images revealed that the unseen root of the penis plays a crucial role during penetration, putting the functional length of the average erection at closer to nine inches" (110). 

How should I go about doing the exercises if I’m not circumcised?

Simply pull the foreskin back.

Are you a doctor?

Absolutely not.  Marlowe is not a doctor.  Penis Champion is not a doctor.  We have done more than our share of studying the penis and researching, but neither of us has any formal academic training in medicine.

Can you help me break in the industry?

No.  Sorry.  If Penis Champion did do this, he'd be inundated with requests.  The good news is that due to the Internet with its webcams and X-rated treasure trove, it's much easier to break into the industry than it was when Penis Champion started.

Who are you?

Marlowe obviously had to change his name so as not to advertise his former shortcomings and humiliations. Penis Champion has worked under multiple pseudonyms, but all these characters he played are intellectual property of production companies whom he does not want to profit from his hard-earned sexual knowledge. - The Legendary Penis Enlargement Program